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1. Write an essay that includes the following:
1. You must include an introduction that outlines what your essay is about.

(1st paragraph)
2. Summarize (in your own words) each of the five educational philosophies

(perennialism, idealism, realism, experimentalism, and existentialism.)
You must have one paragraph for each summary. (2, 3, 4, 5,6 paragraphs)
You are encouraged to use other resources for information. However, you
MUST put in your own words.

3. In the seventh paragraph, state how your beliefs are reflected in each of
these philosophies.

4. In the last paragraph select the one philosophy that you THINK most
reflects your beliefs. You must explain how that philosophy reflects your
views. You can only state one that is most prevalent in order to get
maximum points. DO NOT take the survey before you write the essay.
Be honest and practice the integrity that is expected of leaders.