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History Common AssignmentPAPER ANALYSIS INSTRUCTIONSI. Reading Selection:Select an article/monograph in a scholarly historical periodical from the College Library System (either in print or through a database) or a topic of your choice pertaining to the historical period covered in this course (U.S. History Origins to 1877). II. Preparation of Paper Analysis:A. Content1. Thesis – Explain the author’s main argument or focus of the topic or article.2. Evidence – Analyze the evidence that the author uses to support his/her thesis. Does the evidence support his/her thesis? (Please identify any primary sources used.) What qualifications does the author have that make him/her qualified to write on the subject? 3. Conclusion – Provide comments and/or criticisms of the work. Read and comment on one or two contrary perspectives on the topic (one must be primary.) How does this issue affect your world today and does is change your outlook in any way or push you toward any action? B. Style1. Typewritten, Double-Spaced on Letter-size (8 1/2″ x 11″) Plain White  Paper. Font Size must be Times New Roman 12 point2. Length -500 words3. Citation – refer to the Citation Help Tab in the San Jacinto College South Library  Research/Database page for resources and directions on how to cite the article in the