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Description The essay needs to analyse all the information in the slide show and the critically look at the releveant theory/ literature and frameworks. So roth and pilling competency framework- Clarke’s model of panic disorder Professional issues such as gender, diversity, client/therapist relationship The purpose of the panic model… why would we use it, why would we not, what other things does panic disorder present like in CBT such as depression/general anxiety/social anxiety and why we have to get the diagnosis right as in panic and not say social anxiety- so we can use the right framework etc like Clarke’s model of panic etc. What is Clarke’s panic model, what is the assessment phase of it, why is risk assessment so important ,what does theory say about this, what is Clarke’s panic formulation/conceptualisation of panic disorder – this is where we look at the vicious cycle of panic with thoughts, feeling, beliefs , behaviours etc and the environment and see how the client through avoiding tacking their issues stay in this vicious cycle of panic, what does the theory/research say about this and why is it useful… why do we do  this in the therapy session in collaboration with the client. What is the purpose of interventions in the panic disorder model, why do we do this, what are interventions for panic disorder- example what do we practically do- over breathing exercises, psychoeducation, imagery etc and why does the research/evidence in theory say about this, critically analyse if possible from other sources.  Also look at the measurement scores if you can find anything if not I will- so the PHQ 9 is the depression score to see how depressed and the anxiety score to see how anxious and there is a panic score also which I forgot to do here.