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In this assignment, you will identify an ethical dilemma that you have experienced in the workplace. You will analyze the ethical dilemma according to the guidelines and evaluation criteria outlined below. 
Assignment Guidelines and Tips

• This assignment should be typed, minimum 11-point font, double spaced, and no more than 2 pages in length.

• Proofread your analysis.

• There is no need to conduct outside research for this assignment. But, should you cite the textbook or some other source, be extremely careful to cite the sources used and to do so accurately. If you use exact words, you must put quotation marks around the cited material to acknowledge that these are not your own words. Do not just copy, cut, and paste. Remember to include a references page (this is not included in your total page count).

Personal Ethical Dilemma Mini-Analysis Outline:
• In one or two paragraphs (total of 50 points):
Briefly identify and describe an actual ethical dilemma you have faced:

1. Use values language to describe the ethical dilemma. Identify the values in conflict and explain how they conflict. 
(25 points)

2. Explain how the values in conflict relate to your personal values. 
(25 points)

• In the next several paragraphs (150 points):
Choose one of the prescriptive ethical decision making frameworks (consequentialist, deontological, or virtue ethics), and apply it to your ethical dilemma. 

If you choose Consequentialist:

1. Identify multiple stakeholders (at least five) and the harms and benefits for each. Rather than writing out this section in paragraph form, you may “map out” your stakeholders and options using the “Consequentialist Analysis” shown on p. 41. 
(100 points)

2. Do the bottom line mental calculation and evaluate the impact on society overall. If you choose to use the matrix format for your stakeholders and options, please still dedicate one paragraph to the decision that this approach would suggest that you follow, and evaluate the impact of this decision on society overall. 
(50 points)

If you choose Deontological:

1. Explain which ones apply to your ethical dilemma: duties, rights, obligations, principles, and/or values. 
(30 points)

2. Explain what the golden rule would say you should do in this situation.
(40 points)

3. Explain what Kant’s categorical imperative would say you should do in this situation. 
(40 points)

4. Explain what Rawls’ veil of ignorance would say you should do in this situation 
(40 points)

If you choose Virtue Ethics:

1. Explain what were/should have been your motivations and intentions. 
(30 points)

2. Identify the relevant ethical community for helping you to determine what a business person of integrity should do in this situation. 
(40 points)

3. Explain what the disclosure rule would say you should do in this situation. Create a hypothetical news headline to assist you with your decision. 
(40 points)

4. Identify your ethical role model or harshest moral critic and what he or she would say you should do in this situation.
(40 points)

• In the last paragraph (50 points):
Explain what you learned from this analysis. 

1. Did using these frameworks raise new issues or considerations? What do you think now about what you did?
(25 points)

2. Would you do things differently in the future? Why or why not? 
(25 points)