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Reflection Journal Instructions on nursing leadership

Introduction: Describe your most recent experience in the clinical setting.

1. Describe 1 specific activity that you engaged in (today at
clinical, code GRAY was announced because the patient
was aggressive, being aggressive, abusive, violent, or
displaying threatening behavior because the patient was
experiencing delirium from alcohol withdrawal
symptoms.. The nurse leader I shadowed immediately
acted promptly to de-escalate the situation by…

Reflection on action: Was it easy/difficult, pleasant/unpleasant etc.

1. What you found easy or difficult
2. What you liked about what you did (I think being as a

nurse leader, it is just about managing the staff but also
about how to handle the situation …

Reflection on what you learned:

1. How you might want to follow it up
2. How you used your theory knowledge on the subject

Conclusion: Identify gaps

1. What other information do you need
2. What could you do differently in this type of situation next


Assignment instructions: this class is about nursing leadership in an Teleetry unit in the
hospital. Please Write a 1.5 pages reflection using the instructions above in APA Style
Format, using 2 scholarly references APA format. References must be within 5 years.

This paper is about reflection journal. Not a research paper. Please write an reflection
paper that with make up story. Thanks.

Fill out this log

Objectives of the

I need to do the

How do you
know you met
your goals?

and start my
project as well.

Did you meet your
objectives/goals? How
do you know?