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Research Assignment 

Each student is required to write a research assignment for the course. You must refer to or consult a minimum of six (6) academic sources in writing this assignment. At least three (3) of these sources should be from your textbook or academic journals. Your research assignment topics are posted on canvas. Consult your instructor if you choose to write on a different topic. Please note that your research assignment is an extended version of your proposal. Hence, you can only change your research topic with my approval.

Word Limit: Your assignment should be between 1000 and 1200 words in length, excluding your bibliography. Use the APA or MLA, referencing styles for this assignment. Make sure you cite ideas from other scholarly works, both within the text and in your reference list. Please note that any submission without an in-text citation will receive an F (Fail) grade.



The relationship between different countries in modern society has become closer and closer, and people’s understanding of different cultures has become deeper and deeper, so globalization is a constant progress.When people get to know each other’s culture more and more, they will become curious about other cultures, so they will choose a cultural environment that best suits them. For example, in the last century, many Chinese chose to immigrate. their choice of cultural environment.

First, we need to know what globalization is and how it affects people. In my opinion, globalization has a good or bad impact on people. The good thing is that people can understand each other better and can achieve mutual benefits through trade and other means. But the downside is cultural invasion, like anime in Japan, Chinese in China, and superhero movies in America. This kind of cultural invasion can make people of the same nation or country lose their sense of national identity.

At the same time, globalization also includes environmental globalization. All growing environmental problems such as water pollution, deforestation, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, etc., need to be urgently addressed through international efforts, otherwise someday in the future, but can end them The presence. Issues such as deforestation are increasing and environmental levels are declining due to the increasing demands of a growing population. About half of the useful forests have been cleared in the past few years. Therefore, globalization needs to be controlled to reduce its negative effects.


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