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Description Please answer the questions contained below comprehensively. Use your notes that I encouraged you to take during both the Intro to Mindfulness (link (Links to an external site.)) and Self-Compassion Videos (link). You were asked to take notes after the following In-Class Activities: 1) The 3-minute Body Scan mindfulness exercise  In-Class Activity starts at 25:00 in this video (Links to an external site.) 2) Engaging in the self-kindness in-class activities during the Self-Compassion lecture  Click here  (Links to an external site.)and watch from 4:46-8:30 for the in-class activity Use these notes to provide more detail to your responses below. Attempt to weave the answers to these questions into a coherent reflection, rather than answering each questions one-by-one and not using transitions to connect your thoughts.  Part 1: SUMMARY OF COURSE MATERIAL: When thinking about the potential benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion discussed in this lecture, which of these potential benefits do think would be MOST valuable for you? Why? Was there anything discussed in lecture that was surprising to you about these practices? Part 2: REFLECTION + APPLICATION: What internal experiences did you notice during the 3-minute body scan mindfulness exercise? What was it like to take notice of these internal experiences? Consider the self-kindness exercise, where you were asked to think about how you to speak to close others vs. yourself when you are struggling. What factors might influence how you speak to yourself vs. others? How might things change if you were to respond to yourself in the same way you typically respond to a loved one when they’re suffering? Do you think it would be beneficial for you to engage in a regular mindfulness and/or self-compassion practice? Why or why not? If yes, any anticipated obstacles to regular practice?