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Description 1) Place a heading at the top of your page to include: Your Name Course Title Professor’s Name Assignment Title Today’s Date 2) Name your topic. For example, Iron Work. 3) Search the UMGC Library for 1 article in a scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal on your chosen topic. Scholarly articles are not found in encyclopedias or book reviews. They are peer reviewed journals. For help with locating articles, review this source from the UMGC Library: Locate and Evaluate Scholarly Articles https://sites.umgc.edu/library/libhow/articles.cfm You can also utilize the “Chat with a Librarian” feature. In the top menu under “Resources” click on “Library” and you should see the “Chat with a Librarian” feature on the right. *Do not use the encyclopedias in the library. Do not use book reviews.* There is nothing wrong with such sources as a general reference, but they do not go deep enough for academic research. 4) Provide the following for both you and your professor to be able to locate your scholarly source. author article title journal title link – Use the Stable URL provided on JSTOR and EBSCO sites. 5) Use the rubric at the end of Submit Your Assignment as a checklist while you work and again before you turn it in. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask in the Connect With Your Professor module or directly email your professor directly. Assignments must be submitted as a Word document. This means that the file name will end in .doc or .docx as in the following example: Johnson_Annotated_Bibliography.doc If there is a problem with this requirement, contact your professor. 6) When you have completed and proofread your work, submit your work for feedback and grading as a .doc or .docx.